About Dr. W. N. Catherine

My Story

Hi, I’m Dr. Catherine. I trained as a medical doctor, but after practicing for a short while, I quickly realized clinical work wasn’t my cup of tea. I therefore resigned and ventured into business. It was a bumpy ride, to say the least, until I discovered freelance writing. Within approximately 7 months, I had reached and surpassed the salary I used to earn as a medical doctor. 

I never looked back since then.

Now I help other professionals start and grow their own freelance writing businesses either as a side hustle or their main gig.

Feedback & Reviews

Here’s what my clients have to say about me…

“Dr. Catherine helped me land my first client even before we finished the course. I’m so happy I chose her as my freelance writing coach.

Joy Gathoni

Digital Marketing Writer

“So glad I enrolled in Dr. Catherine’s coaching. I’ve come from knowing nothing about freelance writing to being a confident and professional writer.”

Dr. Maureen Muleka

Lecturer & Freelance Writer

“I’d recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to venture into freelance writing. She effectively explains concepts and ensures you grasp the content.”

Kavedza Mugure

Computer scientist-turned-freelance writer

“I had not planned to join the content writing industry this year. However, when I heard Catherine speak about it, I thought why not? I have now developed a business and already published articles in finance and travel niche.”

Esther Kioko

Administrator & Freelance Writer

“Catherine is a wonderful and dedicated freelance writing coach. I’ve graduated from a beginner to an intermediate freelance writer thanks to her training.”

Dr. Mary

Medical Doctor & Freelance Writer

“Will you be next?.”